About Us

Digimatic Group Ltd

The collective brainchild of like-minded Digital and Educational Thought Leaders, Digimatic was created in response to the growing power of digital media in shaping consumer perception, engagement and knowledge. Since its inception, it has generated millions in revenue adapting and harnessing the latest in Ad and Edu tech innovation.

What we do

Performance Based Marketing

Digimatic Media focuses on performance based digital marketing, generating positive ROI for our clients. Our brand, Ace Profits Academy is Singapore’s leading Events and Seminar Organiser. We empower individuals with the right skills and knowledge, helping them to achieve greater heights in the areas of Wealth, Health and Personal Development as well as investments in Singapore.

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Anonymous Productions and 360VR Asia are the leading powerhouses in Performance Video marketing and 360VR Marketing. We Serve to engage our audience with rich, immersive content optimised for digital amplification.

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Leading affiliate marketing network with over 10+ years of industry experience, specializing in running performance campaigns for global clients. Our revolutionary AI-powered platform continually learns from your target audience’s behaviour and runs data-driven analysis to run the best tailored campaigns for your brand.

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8VIC Global Pte Limited, is among the leading financial education and training providers in SG & Msia. Its flagship courses, “Millionaire Investor Program” and “Value Investing Bootcamp”, focus on educating the layman on principles and techniques of value investing.

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To Be True Global Leader in Digital Performance Marketing and Advertising.


Empowering Brands Through Advertising Technology And Creative Technology Innovation
Solutions To Connect With Their Customers In The Most Effective Way.

Our Future


Driving our growth, is our continuous development of the Advertising Technology (AdTech) platform, enhancing marketing performance through machine learning and the integration of Creative solutions. DMC continues to be a disruptive innovator, adding value by transforming digital advertising into an engaging experience that is personalized to drive incremental sales.


Through mergers and acquisition, intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, DMC scales to the next level, acquiring new ventures that are both purposeful and in line with our business model.


Human capital is our greatest asset. We take pride in creating a cohesive work environment, training, retaining and attracting new talent to ensure that our innovation stays relevant and fresh.


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Meet the Team

Mr. Clive Tan Che Koon

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Clive advises on the corporate governance, strategic planning and direction for the company. As co-founder and executive director of the 8i Holdings, he is responsible for the strategic planning, development and risk management of its businesses including education and investments in listed securities and private equity.

Mr. Ivan Ong

Executive Director

Through his many years as a seasoned Digital Entrepreneur, Mr. Ong has amassed a deep pool of experience and knowledge in the digital advertising space that has helped many companies across the world achieved astonishing ROI on their business.

Mr. Zane Robert Lewis

Non-Executive Director and Compliance Manager

Mr Lewis has over 20 years’ experience and leadership of small cap multinational companies. He has undertaken various corporate advisory roles with ASX companies and has extensive international experience as President of the Commtech Wireless Group of software companies world-wide.

Ms. Chung Pit Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Chung has more than 15 years’ extensive experience in financial reporting, tax, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, treasury, risk management and auditing. Today, she spearheads investor relations, treasury functions and financial strategies to support tactical initiatives as CFO of Digimatic Group.

Ms. Jane Neo

Managing Director, Digimatic Media Pte Ltd

Ms. Jane Neo’s tremendous sales and online marketing results has helped to shape up Digimatic Media’s systems and processes, which enables the business to scale effectively and regionally in a very short period of time.

Mr. Nick Tan

Managing Director, Digimatic Creatives Pte Ltd

Nick Tan is an award-winning video content director, and a multi-faceted media professional. With his proven track record, he has built a reputation for Anonymous Production and 360 VR Asia as one of the leading media content production and marketing agencies in Asia Pacific.

Mr. Aaron Tan

Managing Partner, Wewe Media Group Pte Ltd

Mr. Aaron Tan is a performance advertising professional well-versed in lead generation and client acquisition services via mobile and desktop advertising. As a cofounder of Wewe Media, a Mobile Advertising agency focused on running performance-based marketing campaigns for clients worldwide.

Mr. Ronny Lua

Managing Partner, Wewe Media Group Pte Ltd

Mr. Ronny Lua has been a performance advertising pioneer since 2008, working on strategic advertising campaigns for clients from varied backgrounds. He co-manages Wewe Media Group and currently handles its business development, identifying new opportunities managing strategic partnerships.

Mr. Danny Lua

Managing Partner, Wewe Media Group Pte Ltd

A Wewe Media co-founder, Mr Danny Lua currently manages the media buying team, app development and monetisation teams and helps in strategising international growth/ development plans for the company.

Our Clients